About Me

Hi there, and thanks for visiting!

I was born and raised in Los Altos Hills. My neighborhood was filled with apricot orchards and horse stables – it was a beautiful place to grow up. I lived in San Francisco while attending SFSU before moving back to the peninsula. I realized I left my heart in the city, as one does. I had fallen in love with the sound of the foghorns, the cool architecture, the crazy people. So I moved back in 2003 with no money and absolutely no clue what I wanted to do.

I did know I wanted to leave the structured [for me, soul-killing] world of cubicles and endless meetings and explore my creative side. I lived on Top Ramen while painting and refinishing furniture. Then I worked as a professional organizer, contracted with a start-up, and taught writing to children before I settled on being a copywriter. I find great fulfillment in helping others uncover what is unique about them so I can help them share it with the world.

I am also a working artist and illustrator. On my free time, I enjoy painting, taking long walks, reading and decorating. I live by the ocean with my talented husband and two insane cats.

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