Some Job-Hunting Tips…


So it’s the New Year, and you’re still looking for a job. You’re sending your resume out to what seems like hundreds of jobs a day, but you still haven’t gotten a phone call. If this is the case, chances are, you’re starting to get kind of tired of the process, and you feel as if you’ll never find a job again.

Don’t despair, and try not to worry. Instead, focus on the task at hand and try to see this as an opportunity to learn about yourself and your goals. I know – I know, that this economy is crappy enough to make you want to throw in the towel, start a drinking habit, or worse – start applying for jobs you don’t want, just to make the rent.

If you don’t have enough money to pay the rent, or if you’re living off your credit card, taking an interim job just to pay the bills and stay afloat isn’t a bad idea, and remember, sometimes these kinds of jobs turn out to be more fun than you expected. I remember, when business was slow, I took a front-desk job at the local JCC. I didn’t think I’d enjoy it, but I ended up meeting new friends and getting a free gym membership as a perk. So you might be surprised.

Try searching for a job a different way. Here are some enjoyable (really!), unexpected ways to get a job you really want:

Go to the Source: Make a list of all the organizations and companies you’ve been dying to work for. Cool museums, art galleries, media companies, law firms, etc.. then, go to each company’s website and check out their employment page. Nothing? Contact them anyway, with a well-written letter stating your qualifications and why you’d love to work there. Who knows- they might even create a job for you in the future.

Ask Around: You probably have some friends who have jobs they love, or colleagues from that failed dot-com you worked for who you still talk to once in a while. Go ahead and ask them if their company is hiring, and to put in a good word for you.

Use Facebook: Update your status and say what kind of job you’re looking for. It doesn’t hurt, and you don’t know who will see it.*

*…which is fine, unless you’re presently employed. You don’t want your boss to see a post that says “hey guys! I’m SO ready to get out of this hell-hole”.

These are a few fun ways to search for jobs – they sure beat staring at Craigslist all day (don’t get me wrong, I love Craigslist). It’s a way to break up the monotony of your job search and make you feel like you’re in control – which you are.

That’s all for now. Happy rainy Tuesday, and good luck with your search! As always I’m here for help when you need it – just email me.



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