Blogger’s Block? Here are some ideas…

Hello, hello.

First, I just have to say, thank GOD the sun is shining. As a writer, it can be fun to type away in the window, watching the rain fall over San Francisco… but after a while it’s kind of depressing. Today, feeling the sun on my shoulders while walking in my neighborhood, I actually felt like whistling. I can’t whistle, so I made funny little chirping sounds. Ok, moving on…

Writing a blog for your business is a great idea. It’s great for SEO, it’s a fun distraction, and it is a way to reach potential business and inform existing customers. So maybe you’ve set up a blog, and you have written a few great articles but now you’re stuck. What can you write about?

When I write blogs for my clients, they will send ideas to me throughout the week but sometimes they get stuck. So I come up with ideas too. I have come up with some tried-and-true subjects that make great blog material and would like to share them with you.

Some examples of good article concepts are:

  • FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questions are always good fodder for blog articles – and they help your customers, too.
  • Customer Stories: Do you have any good stories about your customers and their experience with your product? Check out this example of a story I wrote for one of my clients.
  • Product of the Day/Week: Use your blog to showcase some of your most popular products.
  • Your Philosophy: What’s your approach to customer service? What sets you apart from other businesses?
  • News Headlines: Any headlines related to your product or service make great blog content!

Be creative, and have fun with it! You never know who’s reading your words. And if you get stuck or don’t have the time to create or maintain your own blog, that’s what I’m here for. Email me to get some help!

Until next time,


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