Time to Show Off!

A Resume is A Powerful Introduction.

Your resume presents one of those rare opportunities where you get to talk about yourself – and your audience actually listens. Well, they listen as long as they are well-informed and their attention is held. Once you have their attention, you can describe your skills, your accomplishments, and your goals. There aren’t many places where you get to do that (without freaking people out).

Now is Not the Time to be Modest.

Before you start writing your resume, take out a big sheet of paper and write down all your strengths. For example: dedicated, loyal, fast-learner, detail-oriented, good sense of humor, ability to think on your feet, positive attitude, etc. Don’t be shy – list all the things about yourself that make you unique, interesting, and an amazing employee.

Use these adjectives in your resume from time to time. Many people focus purely on their experience without going into detail about their actual skills. Don’t be afraid to talk yourself up!

A Second Pair of Eyes Really Helps!

Truth is, most of us have a hard time being objective about our own strengths – contact me and I can help you write a resume that describes your skills best!

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