Be Yourself!

What You Have… That They Don’t.

There are millions of job-seekers – and resumes – landing on desks and computer screens across the nation. In your own city, hundreds of people could be applying for your dream job – right now, as you’re reading this. But wait! Keep reading…

kermit_1_1   So how do you make sure your resume is set aside for consideration, when there are so many others to choose from? The key is this: there can be a million people with your skill set and list of qualifications, but nobody else is you. I know it sounds like something Kermit the Frog would say, but it’s true (and he’s right!). It’s important to let a bit of your personality shine through when writing your resume.

Loosen Up… Just a Little.

If you are going to be working around people, particularly if you’re interested in a customer service or sales position, you want to sound somewhat personable. Now, I don’t mean that you can go crazy, but you can loosen the language up a bit and allow it to be a bit more conversational while keeping it professional in tone. Here is an example:

Bad: Worked in customer support for 15 years. Delivered quality service. Improved retention. – Does this person really like working with customers?

Bad: I have 15 wonderful years of experience working with customers, and I LOVE helping others. I am a people-person!! – We can see he or she is enthusiastic, but is not professional.

Good: I have 15 years of customer support experience, and take great pride in ensuring customer loyalty and retention through quality service. – This person sounds professional and pleasant.

The key here is to offer a concise, professional, and accurate presentation of yourself while allowing a bit of your uniqueness to shine through. Your resume isn’t being read by robots, it is being read by living, breathing people who are not only looking for the Right Candidate, they are looking for someone they’ll enjoy working with.

Keep it professional, but a touch of personality goes a long way.

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