Part 2: Will Your Resume Make the Cut?

So last week, I told you about how I had to find qualified candidates for a job where I worked. The first part of this process is determining – you guessed it – which resumes to keep and which to toss. And, as I mentioned, only 10 out of 250 resumes made it past my first inspection.

So now, I had 10 resumes and we wanted to interview 3-5 candidates. I had to look a bit more closely at these resumes to determine who was most qualified for the position. Of course, a ton of information is gleaned from the interview, and personality is key (especially for this position, which was Receptionist). But for now, the resumes were all I had to take the next step in the hiring process.

The winning resumes would have to stand out from the others somehow. Here are some qualities that the winning resumes had:

1). Personality: Since this person would be interfacing with staff and customers all day as part of his or her job, I looked for a bit of a personal “spark” in the resumes. Most of the resumes were boring to read, but a few had more of a narrative, friendly tone. These few made the cut.

2). Education: Fortunately or unfortunately, education is always factored in. We wanted someone with at least a BA. We mentioned this in the job posting and anyone with less than a BA was not considered. This varies from position to position – the key is to make sure your degree matches the educational qualifications listed in the job description.

3). The Cover Letter: This isn’t technically part of the resume, so I hesitated in including it in this article, but a high-quality, well-written cover letter is a crucial aspect of your presentation. I could immediately tell who wrote a cover letter specifically targeted to this position, and who went with a generic “template”. We wanted someone enthusiastic about this job, not all jobs.

As always, good luck!

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