Building Your Brand with Quality Content

We all know that your website is a key player when it comes to company branding. When we think of our website, however, we tend to only think about the design. Sure, the colors, layout, and structure are crucial to building your brand. But content is just as important and an often-overlooked aspect of web design.

When you write content for your website, keep the tone in mind. How do you want to come across? If you’re a lawyer, the tone of your content would be different than say, that of a handyman or a therapist. Make sure that your unique personality and company values come across in your writing. One of my clients is Printable Memories, a custom-photo gift manufacturer based here in the Bay Area. When I write content for them, I keep the tone friendly with a sentimental tone to suit their products and mission.

So give your content the attention it deserves and make sure every word reflects your values and business goals. You’ll be glad you did! As always, if you need help creating original content for your business, contact me anytime.

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