Photo Tips for Your Website and Beyond!

Along with content, high-quality images are a crucial element of your website. Pictures can say a 1,000 words, and help engage the reader. Think of the websites you visit often: chances are, they have both words and images. While too many pictures can become distracting, or even disorienting (think of those annoying ads that pop up in front of the section you’re reading), the perfect balance of photos and words can make your website come alive.

In writing an article for, I researched various ways to take more interesting photos. Here are some tools of the trade, to help your photos stand out and draw readers in:

1). Get Close: Don’t be afraid to get close to your subject. Allow whatever it is you’re framing, whether it be a person or a product, fill the entire space of the photo.

2). Try a New Angle: Taking a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge? Welcome to the club! To make your photo stand out in the crowd, try a different approach: lie down on the ground and shoot upwards. If you’re taking a product picture, allow the photo to be slightly to the left or right of the center and change the orientation slightly so you’re not looking at the object head-on. These little tricks make your photos unique and keep readers intrigued.

3). Use the Right Lighting. If you are an online retailer, consider investing in some quality lighting and staging equipment to showcase your products.

4). Take Advantage of Free Tools. Many smartphone apps offer fun, unique photo editing tools and effects. Try making your photos black and white, or choose a photo filter that adds some flair.

Have fun and shoot away!


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