Quick Tip: Specific vs Targeted Cover Letters

Many times, I have clients who ask me to write a “general” cover letter, meaning a cover letter that can be sent to multiple recruiters and hiring managers. I generally recommend writing targeted cover letters, but when I write general cover letters, I always remind my clients to take the time and add specific details to that letter when they are ready to send it.

Simply put, you want to come across as if the job you are applying for is the only job you’re applying for. Granted, in this economy most people will assume you’ve put your eggs in more than one basket. But you want to make it clear that you feel you are a perfect fit for this particular job.

The danger in writing general cover letters is that they can be too vague. You need to address the strengths, experience and skills, and traits that are required for each position you apply for. A general cover letter can give you the basic framework, but from there, you must work in the necessary details to make the employer want to hire you, versus your competition.

Make them feel special – because they are. Remember, it’s like finding a soul mate. You don’t need to get 50 jobs – you need to get one. Make it count. 🙂

If you need help writing a general or targeted cover letter, I’d love to work with you. Contact me today to get started!

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