Why I do what I do.

Today I got a sweet email from a resume client. She said how interesting it must be to work with clients during the process of writing a resume and see how their perspective changes. She couldn’t be more right – it is interesting, and very rewarding.

In reading her email, I began thinking about my work in a new way. I am a copywriter, and I write all kinds of material for people – marketing materials, blogs, cover letters, website content. I haven’t stopped lately to think about the silver thread that binds all my projects together, and today I realized what that thread is: I enjoy uncovering what is unique about people, and helping them share it with the world.

For instance, looking for a job can be exciting as first but quickly becomes mundane and discouraging if you don’t get any response to your efforts. It’s easy to lose track of what makes you stand out, and you start to see what others think and expect of you rather than who you really are. Same goes with a business – you start a new company or professional endeavor and see all those shiny, sparkling, new possibilities. Then, as bills become due and customers ask for more, you lose enthusiasm. What felt like an exciting new plan, even your life’s work, now becomes a job. <yawn>

I have the advantage of distance. From where I sit, I can easily see what makes you different from those around you. I can sense the spark in you that you thought you lost along the way – it’s still there, it’s just buried. In my work, I can help you identify what sets you apart and work with you to get the word out, so that you attract the right audience (the right employers, loyal customers, etc).

Like anybody, sometimes I forget about what attracted me to my work in the first place. So thanks to my client for reminding me, and I’m glad I can do the same for others.

Enjoy your day!

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