Get Out of Your Box and Write an Amazing Resume!

Maybe you just lost your job and you aren’t sure what to do next. Perhaps you’re sitting at your desk, right now, feeling bored by your current job but afraid to make a change. No matter what, the possibility of changing careers (which should be exciting, right?) can feel intimidating. Nowadays, there are so many choices – and the scope and breadth of those choices can overwhelm us and render us frozen in our place, afraid to take the leap.

In the process of learning about my clients and creating a new resume for them, I have had many conversations where their original goals change and evolve as they begin to uncover strengths, passions, and skills that they had previously overlooked. There is nothing better than seeing someone suddenly realize that they don’t need to settle for what they’ve always done, and that they can pursue something new and exciting.

If you feel stuck and uninspired, I can offer consultation and support in addition to my writing services. I will not tell you what sort of job you “should” do, nor will I guide you in a specific direction; instead, I will help you uncover the knowledge that is already inside of you. Your perfect career could be right under your nose, but your current patterns and personal blocks may keep you from seeing them.

I can work with you to break through your limitations and shift your perspective. I like to compare the process to working in a garden – I’ll help you clear out the weeds, dead branches, and dried leaves to reveal what’s underneath: an unhidden path that leads to your most rewarding career.

If you are interested in my services or have any questions, fill out the contact form below and we can talk. Have a wonderful day!

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