Resume FAQ: Should a Resume Only Be One Page?

I get this question a lot from clients. My answer: the length of your resume depends on multiple factors. Unfortunately, a many folks subscribe to the idea that a resume should be crammed onto one page and will do whatever it takes to get it to fit.

Ideally, a resume shouldn’t be more than 2 pages. Again, this also depends on your industry. If you are in an academic or medical field, for instance, you’ll probably have a CV (Curriculum Vitae), which can vary in length but is usually longer than a resume as it includes not only your professional history but academic research, internships, presentations, and training.

Be Concise: When you create your resume, make sure that you are focusing on skills and experience that directly relate to your current goals. Be judicious in regards to what you include and highlight the things that make you stand out from others in your field.

Don’t Use a Tiny Font Size. If your content is just barely flowing over a page or two and you are trying to get your resume trimmed down, don’t go for a font size smaller than 10. I prefer 11 but will use 10 if need be. Anything smaller is impossible to read.

Be Creative: In terms of formatting, there are many small adjustments you can make that can downsize your content. For example, you can use paragraph spacing between lines instead of hitting “Enter”, which inserts a full space. You can also make your bullet points a bit smaller.

Looks Matter: Your resume should be easy to read, to the point, and, of course, presentable. You don’t need to get fancy, but small things (like font choice) make a big difference. And another rule of thumb – make sure your resume doesn’t have any pages with just a few lines on it. Those pages will get overlooked, so do what you can to get those few lines onto the previous page (see above).

Now go out and enjoy this beautiful weather!

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