Don’t Have a Degree? Here’s What to Do on Your Resume…

So you’ve looked at what seems like hundreds of job listings – and every single one you’ve seen requires a degree. Problem is, you don’t have a BA . Don’t worry – here are some ideas to make your resume stand out, with or without a degree.

Don’t lie. If you’re feeling intimidated by your college graduate colleagues, you may be tempted to list a BA on your resume, even if you don’t have on. You think “nobody really checks, right?” I haven’t had anyone ask me to produce my degree during an interview, and nobody’s called my alma mater. But if you lie and get caught, you’ll be written off immediately.

Expand your definition of “Education”. Many people think of education as just college degrees, but education encompasses many things including professional training and general coursework. Instead of calling the section on your resume “Education”, name it “Education & Training”. Then include any classes you’ve taken (through a school, private instructor, or an organization you’ve worked for) that even remotely relate to your career.

In the process of getting your degree? Go ahead and list your degree like you would if you already had it, just put your projected date of completion to make it clear you’re working towards your degree.

Highlight what you do have. Make your resume so impressive that by the time the hiring manager gets to the education section, a degree won’t matter. List your skills, strengths, and accomplishments. Don’t be afraid to brag – that’s what a resume is for.

Enjoy your evening!



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