It’s actually okay to use “I” on your resume.

But you wouldn’t think so, because most people seem to have the view that using “I” is a no-no when it comes to resume writing, and that third-person (or no “person” at all) is the way to go.

While I wouldn’t write an entire resume in a narrative, 1st-person format (although there are always exceptions), it’s just fine to do this in your opening statement and/or your Profile/Summary section. This is especially true if your career is social and relies on personal interaction. If you are in marketing or customer service, you want to prove that you are personable, confident, and outgoing. For instance, read the two sentences below:

Customer service representative with 15 years experience building customer relationships and ensuring retention and loyalty.

As a dedicated Customer Service Representative with over 15 years experience, I take the time to listen to customer concerns and address their needs, thereby generating repeat business and increasing profits. 

Which one sounds more personable? I’d bet on #2. This person sounds outgoing while still keeping a professional tone.

It’s important to strike a balance. You can allow some of your personality into your resume without going overboard (“I LOVE working with customers, more than I love ANYTHING ELSE!!!” Yeah, that would be overboard).

That said, keep your Professional/Work History concise. You don’t need “I” down here, just brief bullet points that talk about your responsibilities (the most important ones) as well as your accomplishments.

If you have any questions about whether first-person would be appropriate on your resume, feel free to email me anytime. Have a wonderful weekend!

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