Tips to Get Your Resume Noticed…

We all know that the competition is fierce when it comes to landing a job. There are potentially hundreds of resumes sent in response to any given job posting. So how do you make sure your resume doesn’t end up in a black hole? Here are some pointers: 

1). Skip HR. Try contacting the hiring manager directly rather than sending your resume to the HR department. Do some research online and you’ll probably be able to find the name and contact information for the person you need. Even better – send your resume through standard mail and follow up with a phone call. 

2). Find the company you want to work for and introduce yourself. Even if they don’t have any job openings at the moment, it doesn’t hurt to give them a call and ask to speak to someone about their company. People love to talk. Don’t oversell yourself, instead, focus on learning more about the company that intrigues you. Leave your resume with them and mention how you’d love to work with them, and to call you if an opportunity presents itself. 

3). Use your friends. Social networking is a powerful way to find a job. If you know someone at the company you wish to work for, let them know once you’ve sent in your resume and/or application so they can tell the hiring manager. 

4). Speak their language. Read the job description carefully and use some of their terminology in your resume and cover letter. Don’t copy everything verbatim, but use some of the words and phrases they use when describing the job’s requirements. 

5). Keep it clean. Make sure your resume is concise with simple formatting – logos, illustrations and fancy graphics can make resumes difficult to read or scan. 

Good luck! 

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