Afraid to Make a Change? You’re Not Alone.

I heard a radio program the other day about the job market, and caller after caller spoke about their own endless period of unemployment. “I’ve been unemployed for 10 years,” says one caller.”Now that I’m over 40,” explains another, “nobody wants to hire me.” “I was an executive for 20 years,” says a mother of 4. “I lost my job, and now my family is on the brink of homelessness.”

The news is filled with these stories. So if you are employed and unhappy, you are led to believe that this is not the time to take chances. So stay you put. 

We live in a culture of fear. The media is constantly barraging us with stories about cancer, crime, aging, dangers of certain foods, high blood pressure (which is higher thanks to what you’re reading), and finally, unemployment.

There are jobs out there. Somewhere, someone needs your skills, your unique approach, your enthusiasm.

Rather than going through the usual job-seeking channels, reach out directly to folks who work in interesting companies. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities and you’ll find there are more than you think.

Update your resume and maybe make a new, second one targeting your dream career, just for fun. Think outside of the W-2 box and consider offering freelance services on the side, doing something you love. In the meantime, volunteer at an organization that inspires you.

Whatever you do, shut down your computer once in a while, stop reading the news, and go outside. It’s much better out here.

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