What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?


If not, congratulations, and this article will probably be a bit tedious to read. ūüėČ

But, if you are stumped by this question, then this article is for you.

You may have noticed that almost everything in our current culture urges us to keep trying, keep reaching, to keep your eye on a professional goal and do anything and everything to attain it.

There seems to be more pressure than ever to name your profession and work towards lofty and lucrative professional goals – as early as kindergarten! Really?! I’m glad I’m not in the kindergarden graduating class of 2016.

Even by the time I got into college, I had no clue what I wanted to do. I majored in liberal studies and took a wide range of classes in subjects like video production, literary criticism, psychology, and music, to name a few. I didn’t think much about my future and I have to say, enjoyed the present quite a bit and worked very hard at being the best I could be in every class I took.¬†

I didn’t have¬†a five-year plan and the mere thought¬†of climbing a¬†professional ladder exhausted me. I have only recently admitted this to myself and I feel like a weight has lifted. I do have goals, of course, but they¬†tend to be of a personal nature. Most of all, I want to grow as a writer, an artist, and as a human being.¬†

We are surrounded by people who are constantly striving to make more money, receive more recognition, get more stuff, but we seldom hear of people who lead simple lives, making just enough money, perhaps, rather than making a killing.¬†Maybe the secret to a happy life isn’t only your job, but also about¬†your service to others, your relationships with friends and family, your hobbies.

So if you are 40, 50, or 60 and still don’t know what you want to be when you “grow up”, think about where you are right now and keep focused on the present. The answer might come, or, you may just decide that what you want in life is actually right under your nose.

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