Resume Samples: Chronological vs Function Resume Formats

Happy Friday!

I’ve talked about these 2 resume formats before: chronological and functional. Both can work quite well, depending on your skill set, your career goals, and your experience. Here is an overview of each with a resume sample for each format.

Chronological Resume Format: 

This is the most common resume format. A chronological resume lists your jobs in reverse-chronological order (most recent jobs are listed first). A chronological resume also includes a Summary or Profile section at the top, which quickly outlines your skills and your strengths:

Chronological Resume
Chronological Resume Format

Functional Resume Format

A functional resume focuses on your skills, rather than your work history. This format is especially helpful if you are changing careers and wish to highlight the skills that apply to your new field, or if you have a gap in your resume. Be careful with the latter, however, as some employers see a functional resume as a way to hide large employment gaps. Used in the right circumstances, a functional resume is a fresh alternative to the more traditional chronological format:

Functional Resume Format

If you aren’t sure which format to choose or need any help creating your resume, email me anytime. Have a great weekend!

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